Teacher ms Isabel

Bilingual Social Sciences teacher, Coordinator of the Global Classrooms program and member of the Telefónica Foundation Sextante teamwork  at IES Sapere Aude (Madrid).

Degree in Art History, Expert in Art and Antiquities and Master in Management of Educational Centers. Member of the Spanish Association of History and Geography Teachers (AEPHG).

Passionate about ICT and active learning and methodologies such as PBL, Flipped classrooms or gamification.

Convinced that educating means working for the future.

Bilingual Biology and Geology Sciences teacher at IES Sapere Aude (Madrid). Degree in Biology, expert in environmental issues, and Master in Environmental Management and Company Auditing.

Trained in psychopedagogy, new technologies and new methodologies in education.

Aware of the importance of the motivation in teaching and learning process, constantly researching and developing new and more efficient methodologies of learning.